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In the United States, that means an item that is substantially similar to something that has the protection of a design patent may not be made, copied. Design Invention Patenting Services A design patent application seeks patent protection for inventive ornamental design embodied in or applied to. In other. Design patents protect the ornamental appearance of an invention, not how the invention functions. As such, design patents are less expensive and still.

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US design patent protection is offered for the novel and unobvious ornamental features of an article of manufacture. You can see some of the issued design. In the United States a design patent can be granted for a "new, original, and ornamental design for an article of manufacture". Managing Intellectual Property recently named Marshall Gerstein “Patent Prosecution Midwest Firm of the Year.” Chambers USA, U.S. News & World Report, and.


A design must meet several requirements to be eligible for design patent protection. As required by statute, the design must be original, novel, non-obvious and. Design registration USA is a design patent that is legally correct, which can be found in the United States Patent Act. This act protects the "ornamental design. US design patents and EU/UK registered designs can protect designs in similar ways, but there are a few differences between the systems. For example, a US.