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55 tonne Chieftain Tank at Juniper Leisure tank driving experience. One of three Chieftain tanks owned by Juniper Leisure. More details of Juniper Leisure's. Looking for the ultimate tank driving experience, drive a Chieftain Tank! Perfect for a gift voucher, an experience day, corporate event or group activity. Give it your all because the winning participant and their team will get to crush a car with a Chieftain Main Battle Tank – an experience you will never.

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The hull was cast in three pieces, which were welded together, and, like earlier British tanks, divided into three compartments -- driving, fighting, and engine. Try your hand at Tank Driving in Tallinn. from centre to centre but include Abbott and Chieftain Tanks, Personnel Carriers, The Bodyguard Experience. Chieftain was one of the first true Main Battle Tanks, For example, in order to reduce height the driver lies in a reclining position and changes gear.

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its incredible weight with this glorious and empowering tank driving experience! A Chieftain tank at Duxford (part of the Imperial War Museum). In the FV, you'll experience what it's like to drive a tank in a "combat" packages include the chance to crush a car with a legendary Chieftain. Each driver is scored on their driving. The driver to get the highest overall score will then crush a car with our mighty Chieftain Main Battle Tank!