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We will also charge you a foreign currency cash fee of £ for each withdrawal, except for withdrawals of Euro inside the EEA where you will not be charged a. N26 You gives you free withdrawals in currencies around the globe, saving you up to 7% on fees. That means N26 You pays for itself in just a few trips. FAQ. The Travelex Money Card is a multi currency card that can be used in most countries around the world. Widely considered the best travel money card for overseas.

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International card to card. FREE ; Domestic ATM fee. Each time you withdraw cash from an ATM in Australia. % of value withdrawn ; International ATM withdrawal. Our multi-currency travel card can be loaded with up to 17 currencies for use worldwide except in Cashout fee (non-ATM). Free. Currency conversion fee**. Free ATM cash withdrawals up to £ a month. The Wise travel money card takes the worry out of using ATMs abroad. You pay only a super-low fee on withdrawals.

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One prepaid Mastercard® that stores up to 23 currencies. · It's accepted in 36 million locations in over countries* · You can manage it using our Travel app. No matter where you are in the world, rest easy knowing that your travel money is safe and there for you when you need it. With your Monese multi-currency. Travelex offers a prepaid travel money card that supports 10 currencies and waives all ATM withdrawal fees abroad. Travelex charges fees, which fluctuate.