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Students at Hallsville Intermediate School found they could increase biodiversity in their schoolyard by installing bird feeders and planting native plants. The NASA Biological Diversity program is part of the NASA Earth Science Division Research & Analysis program, within the Carbon Cycle & Ecosystems Focus Area. Through the Franklin Park Biodiversity Project, ZNE staff monitor native species to develop a better understanding of how they can coexist in an urban.

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The BoCP program introduces two submission tracks: Design and Implementation proposals. US only and US collaborative projects with the National Natural Science. Protecting Wildlife and Wildlands from Extinction, Overexploitation, and Habitat Destruction. The Biodiversity Defense Program builds upon Earthjustice's we just have to take the time and effort to preserve them”. -Brian Wingbermuehle, Founder + Executive Director Missouri Biodiversity Project.

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How do humans affect biodiversity? For this project, students work in groups of three or four to research a kingdom, phylum or class of organisms. Then. Coastal biodiversity: a regional project for the management of coastal marine ecosystems in Central America The Regional Coastal Biodiversity Project wor. Soil biodiversity experts from all over the world are involved in the project aiming at the creation of a reference publication not only for soil.