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Find out your credit score and get free, personalised tips to help improve it. Sign up for Credit Monitor from MoneySuperMarket today. In simple terms, your credit score is a three-digit number given after a statistical analysis of your financial history. It's basically a measure of how likely. That's why we're providing a monthly FICO® Score from TransUnion® for free to eligible customers with a consumer credit card†. Not a Bank of America credit card.

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Track the history of your credit core - Sign up and see your score in minutes! - for free. A credit score is a number between and that depicts a consumer's creditworthiness. The higher the score, the better a borrower looks to potential. Credit scores simply explained. Let's start with the basics. Your credit score affects everything from your credit card limits to renting an apartment to the.

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Your credit score is used to determine your overall creditworthiness or how likely you are to pay back credit. This is a popular and legitimate score that banks. A credit score generally ranges from , and the higher your number, the better you look to a lender because it signals that you're more likely to repay. A credit Score is a number used by lenders as an indicator of how likely an individual is to repay his debts and the probability of going into default.